Leaders of the Heart

International Men’s Gathering in Sinai, Egypt

22-28 Oct 2023
What is it?
Many issues in the world today – war, poverty, corporate greed, religious conflicts – have something to do with men and how we define masculinity. Our world seems to be based on an outdated patriarchal system. Women have long felt this, but it seems that we as men have the responsibility to ask ourselves some deep questions: How did we get here? Why do we value the masculine way of thinking over the feminine way of feeling, both in ourselves as well as in the world around us? How do we define a new, healthy masculinity, one that is both is touch with the earth as well with ourselves? One that is both wise and playful? One that honors the feminine, as well as the masculine?
In 30 years of men’s work we have experienced how liberating it can be to open up, to share your feelings, emotions, secrets and doubts with other men. We have also seen the enormous power and energy that is being released once you share your truth. It isn’t always easy and it asks a lot of courage, but the rewards are equal: in your relationship, with your kids, at work, or in the society you live in. Vulnerability equals strength and power.
This gathering is about taking personal leadership, and in doing so, creating a new standard of masculinity. One that is both open and grounded, both wise and playful, both sensitive and bold, both feminine and masculine. In this process of inner development we become more complete, full human beings, with both our blind spots as well as our qualities. Dance, music, meditation, encounter and exploration helps us to walk the inner labyrinth. In the heart of it we feel the power of our soul, the silence of the universe pulsing through our own being.
In both Judaism, Islam and Christianity we have a powerful story of the Messiach, the Mahdi or the Messias. It is the archetype of the savior, the hero or the healer who comes when the world is facing darkness and turmoil. This archetype chooses light over darkness, healing over war, oneness over duality. What if this archetype is lying dormant in all of us? What if this story is only a remembrance to awaken the power of the heart in ourselves? What if we can connect to this powerful metaphor and make it a reality in our daily lives?
We invite you to this week in the desert, hosted by the bedouins in camp Moussa, at the foot of one of the most powerful and mythological mountains in the world: mount Sinai. Learn from the wisdom of the desert, join the circle of men from different cultures, nationalities and religions, and discover your own inner leader, hero and healer. We’ll work with the format of Open Space, in which we’ll create the program together on the spot.

We will stay in camp Moussa, run by the local bedouins. The camp has simple yet comfortable two person rooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, as well as an excursion into the desert, where we will sleep for one night, as well as a climb on mount Sinai. The trip to and from Saint Catherine, by taxi or bus from Cairo, Taba or Sharm el Sheich, is not included. Please know that the desert can be cold in the night and hot during the day, and that you need suncream, a hat and good walking shoes.

For Who?

This gathering is for all men, from any race, religion, creed or financial background. We believe that when men can connect to each other at the crossroads of different backgrounds you can heal, but also the world at large can be healed – even if just a little bit.

Therefore we created different payment brackets for this workshop. Pick what fits your situation, and know that when you pay more, part of your payment will be used to make it possible for a man with less financial means to join our gathering.

Ton van der Kroon
Trainer & Founder
Father, Author of "Terugkeer van de Koning"
Dirk Koops
Father, Trainer
Vicky Froyen
Trainer & Musician
Musician, Change facilitator, AI Specialist
Eran Markose
Trainer, traveler, coach
Sven Beyers
Trainer & Musician
Father, Music-sjaman en Captain.

22 – 28 October 2023.
Opening Circle: 22nd October 20:00 after dinner.
Closing Circle: 27th October 20:00 after dinner.
On October 26th, we will climb Mount Moussa  for sunset. Those who wish to stay the whole night until sunrise will be able to do so.

Sheikh Moussa Camp, Saint Catherine Village, Sinai Desert, Egypt.

Due to the different financial backgrounds of every participant, we have three levels of costs: low, medium and high, depending on your income. The ones with a high income help other men with a lower income to participate as well.

Low income Price:  €690 (less than €20,000 net income)

Medium income price:  €990 (less than €40,000 net income)

High income price: €1290 (more than €40,000 net income)

This price includes 3 meals & accommodation in a shared double room with a private bathroom in the Bedouin camp. It also includes one excursion and night in the desert (not on the mountain), and the climb to Mt Sinai. And an optional shuttle to/from Sharm El-Sheikh.

Excluding flights, travel and any additional costs.

In case of cancellation, there is a a cancellation fee of 100 € before September 20th.

After September 20th the whole amount has to be paid.

If the cancellation is initiated by the organizers you will receive a full refund of your payment.

Learn More: Info Sessions

Do you want to learn more about the Leaders of the Heart 2023 workshop in Sinai, Egypt? If so, please join this online info session. Here you will be able to meet the team that will be facilitating this workshop. We will give you some insight into what you might expect, what you might experience during your time with us in Egypt. We will be there to clarify any questions you might have about the workshop, be they practical or not.

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